2019 | Volumetric Video + Experimental Animation

Three Supermarkets

Three Supermarkets is an infinite loop film with a shopping cart riding across multiple coexisting fictional supermarkets. As the first episode of the Phygital Supermarket Trilogy, this film explores the hybrid compositing of the emerging physical and digital media and techniques.The production process of this film uses industrial-grade six-axis Staubli robot arm as shooting equipment, green screen shooting, volumetric video capture, photogrammetry, Cinema 4D Mograph, Redshift shading & rendering, 2D/3D compositing, and other custom build techniques and workflows. Familiar but neglected objects, such as apples and snack bags, were scanned as either static models or animated model sequences from the physical world to the digital space. Then their scale, form, and look were manipulated with digital techniques to compose three interlocking “supermarket” scenarios with different visual styles, which are running endlessly.


Directors, Designers: Nix Liu Xin, Yuting Zhu, Jui-Cheng Hung, Fateme Jalali
Advisor: Peter Testa

Press + Recognition