2023 | Immersive Experience of The World's Last Iceberg Replaced by Plastics

Illusory Iceberg

"On May 10, 2053, a massive iceberg appeared off the coast near New York City, the last iceberg in the world. As global temperatures soared and sea levels reached unprecedented heights, the land area on Earth diminished, submerging many cities. To save the iceberg, a company called Plastics Plus filled it with the most abundant substance on Earth at that time—plastic. The iceberg became a permanent fixture, known as the Illusory Iceberg." This design fiction serves as a speculative story and an allegory of the Ship of Theseus, symbolizing the replacement of the world's last iceberg with plastic waste. It conveys a contrast between the ephemeral and the permanent, the fragile and the solid.

As part of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design's Open Project for the Spring 2023 semester, this story is presented as a fifteen-minute immersive experience within a gallery room at Gund Hall. Several large and small projections and screens, along with a meticulously arranged projection-mapped iceberg model, are strategically positioned throughout the space to convey the three chapters of the story: Appear - Natural Iceberg; Replacement - Shattered Iceberg; and Illusion - Synthetic Iceberg.

This project is still work in progress.