2018 | AR Architecture


In this project, we were asked to use a hole to X-ray architecture. But what is a hole?

In our opinion, the hole is not subtraction, but connection; the hole is not demolition, but creation; the hole is not empty, but occupying.

Our site is Walt Disney Concert Hall, only those people who have tickets can enter it and enjoy the music. The function of the concert hall is separated from the public, especially those people who are walking around the building. So we want to transform the facades into a couple of hole stages to make the building as a performer for the public in the world of augmented reality.

The form of the building is a series of organic surfaces. Every piece of the façade is a stage which can be used to show the performance. As the music plays on, the façades of the building will be extruded, elongated, hollowed and stages appear. The instruments and activities will fly out of the building creating connections between inside and outside. People with mobile devices can enjoy the same performance in their personal aligned perspectives. Therefore, the fictional world and the real world overlapped with each other, this is the first meaning of the title - coexist.

We want to experiment with spatial forms primarily in the AR world. So we made our hole stages base on the form of original facade and created deception on it. For instance, different hole stages and objects occupy the same position; same drum kit with different appearances; same instruments in overlapped different holes. That’s the second meaning of the title - coexist.

COEXIST aims to turn Walt Disney Concert Hall into a series of “Hole” stages in the world of AR to connect its function performance to the public. These stages are created by extruding, elongating and hollowing the original organic facade surfaces with music instruments dancing in them. Therefore, the fictional world and the real world, as well as adjacent stages overlap with each other - which are two layers of meaning of the title COEXIST.


Designers: Nix Liu Xin, Manying Wang
Animation: Nix Liu Xin
Sound Design: Chenyu Sun
Instructor: Angelica Lorenzi

Press + Recognition