2020 | Music Video of a Summer Poolside Party

Burberry x Victor Ma - Runway 2.0

"Burberry launched the hip hop single “Runway 2.0” in collaboration with Nylon China, musician Victor Ma, the artificial intelligence (AI) influencer Xiaobing and her sister He Chang, and music producer Kevin Shin. Inspired by Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram series and elements from the brand’s summer campaign, the song emits a chill, summery vibe. Presented by Chinese visual artist Liu Xin, the production incorporates real-life performances and computer-generated imagery that mesh fashion with music, art, and technology. Users can upload their own photos to join the “Burberry Party Room” to create and listen to customized music." — Excerpt from Jing Daily


Director: Nix Liu Xin
CG Production: Play.Work

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