2021 | Interactive Video Installation

Another You

01 - The Interactive Video

"Another You" is an interactive motion visual art that uses abstract and primitive shapes to generate a whimsical and dynamic alternative version of yourself. With its vibrant psychedelic colors, it exudes a playful and silly vibe.

The piece consists of three primary components: Firstly, the eyes are represented by solid circles at the center that closely track your eye movements, while the outer circles lag behind. Secondly, the border of the image loosely follows the contours of your face. Lastly, the mouth stretches or shrinks in response to your own movements.

By combining these elements, "Another You" produces an infinite array of outcomes, with each frame showcasing a unique variation of your character, conveying a broad spectrum of emotions and traits.

02 - Frames

03 - Tools & Techniques

"Another You" was created using TouchDesigner, a visual programming software.


Designer and Developer: Nix Liu Xin
Sound Design: Jürgen Branz
Adviser: Zachary Lieberman

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