2022 | Machine Learning Calligraphy Sculpture


This project spells out this arbitrary relationship between the sign and the referent by generating a system of meaningless calligraphy using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). These empty words are then embedded into QR codes, resulting in a language system whose meaning is not accessible to our human eye but to machines.

We were curious about QR code as a concept itself, which is an image but also embed and transmit data and information. It itself is an art installation, but it also can be scanned to explore the deeper layer. Here we explore three layers of information: first is the 2D graph, an exploration of machine generated calligraphy, second is the fact that is also an icon for information transmission, the third is the hidden information behind the installation.


Created by Nix Liu Xin, Aria XIying Bao, Clara He
Advisor: Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez
Artifacts As Media, Harvard GSD

Press + Recognition