2022 | Imaginary Tangible Projection Mapping

Lumin Lodge

Lumin Lodge offers a unique, immersive spatial experience that combines projection mapping with multi-sensory elements, facilitated by a collection of custom-designed, smart tangible objects. This captivating experience is presented in various sub-scenarios, anchored in both time and position dimensions. By simply flipping a diary, users can alter the angle of sunlight to reveal a different reality from a different conceptual time point.

What appears to be commonplace objects scattered throughout the room are actually waiting to be discovered by users, who can interact with them and uncover the memories attached to each item. These objects function as 3D tangible interfaces, enabling users to connect with the physical, tactile world while simultaneously experiencing dynamic 2D textures composed of projected, flowing pixels.


Designers: Nix Liu Xin, Candice Wu, Mengyu Zhao, Danny Clark, Cassie Lee, Allison Prisloe
Advisor: Hiroshi Ishii

Press + Recognition