2022 | Experimental Virtual Art Film

Every Aggregation All At Once 万物聚合

Every Aggregation All At Once is an artistic exploration of the idea that massive amounts of found architectural fractions and segments autonomously and intelligently recycle to generate new architectural systems. In this experimental art film, various types of aggregation, which stem from volume bashing and physical simulation, are the formal operations to generate several fluid sculptures. Each scene and respective sculpture acts as a tableau, and the sum of which illustrates a dynamic, non-linear, unpredictable, potentially infinite world.

Affected by the idea that the World Wide Web contains raw materials with no hierarchy, architectural fragments of different periods and styles are collected, recycled, and reorganized into new forms with new meanings. Old and new coexist, space and time are flattened — any object, no matter where it comes from, becomes equal and coexists.

These sculptures reflect multiple acts of aggregation to create a responsive spatial system that can change and evolve in time. This chaotic process creates unlimited formal features which are dynamically changing, resulting in endless architecture without directions, without boundaries. Each one contains the very old to the up-to-date version of itself. Aggregation has unlimited scales: on large scale, objects become spatial voids; on the middle scale, objects act like furniture; and on small scale, they become non-fungible breathing voxels.

Every Aggregation All At Once is a constantly evolving repository of culture and memory where time and space are meaningless.

“万物聚合” 以艺术化的方式探索了一种概念,即大量已有建筑部分和片段自动和智能地回收以生成新的建筑系统。在这部实验艺术影片中,源自体积融合和物理模拟的各种聚合方式是生成七个“数字实体”装置的形式操作。每个场景和其中的装置都充当了一个“画面部分”,而它们的总和展示了一个动态的、非线性的、不可预测的、潜在的无限世界。


这七个装置反映了七种聚合行为,以创建可以随时间而演变的非线性互动空间系统。这种混乱的过程能够创造出无限动态变化的形式。 它们是没有方向,没有界限的无穷无尽的建筑, 其中每一个都包含从远古到最新的版本。这些装置具有无限的尺度:在大尺度上,物体构成空间;在中尺度上,物体就像家具一样;在小范围内,它们变成非同质化的仿佛会呼吸的体素。

“万物聚合” 是一个文化和记忆库,时空扁平,无尽演化。


Artist: Nix Liu Xin
Production Team: Chenjia Ren, Yuting Zhu
万生华态 PBRMAX (www.pbrmax.com)
Renderbus 瑞云渲染 (www.renderbus.com)

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