2022-2023 | VR Music Creation Game

Beat Blocks

Beat Blocks is a game-form exploration of the idea that architecture is frozen music and music is flowed architecture as well. Within a VR environment, featuring stunning architectural visuals, energizing music, and fine-tuned interaction, Beat Blocks delivers a breathtaking experience like no other.

In this experience, users are able to generate their own large-scale architectures by freely interacting with the blocks. Meanwhile, audios are presented in a synesthetic way. Different interaction choice of user leads to different visual output. Each music rhythm, respective building block as a tableau, and the composing of which illustrates a dynamic, non-linear, unpredictable, potentially infinite structure. Music, composition, special effects—everything, down to an open experience allowing a non-musician, non-3D builder, or non-visual artist to create their own piece. We look forward to checking out users’ composition of music and architecture through their constant imagination and experiments and uncovering what’s possible in the remix of both in Beat Blocks.


Creators: Nix Liu Xin, Davide Zhang, Aria Xiying Bao, Yinghou Wang, Pab Emson, Yubo Zhao
Unity Developers: Davide Zhang, Aria Xiying Bao
3D Animations and Lookdev: Nix Liu Xin
Illustrations: Yinghou Wang
Sound Design: Pab Emson

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