2022 | Magical 3D Box

Coexisting Cryptoscope

Bridging Coexisting Realities

A disastrous event caused mass extinction and humans seem to have lost the ability to dream.Nella is a renowned botanist that often dreams about the plants in the pre-apocalyptic world. His life has been turned upside down like everybody else. Almost all of the botanical species Nella researches have gone extinct. Rather than studying live specimens, Nella now is a resident scientist at the United Nations responsible for leading the efforts of reviving extinct plant species.The dreams were never lost, but in fact aggregated to become a parallel universe. The two worlds are collapsing into one and the realities are interpenetrating.One day, Nella picks up a flashlight during a power outage in his lab and shines through a specimen box…

Screen-Based XR Interactions

This project is situated in a long lineage of research work on seeing 3D objects through screens.Acknowledging the paradigm shift brought by pioneering work in computer graphics1, we referenced recent work exploring interactions for naked-eye stereoscopic displays and holographic displays, such as the ray-casting-based interactions by Egawa, Qiu, and Ijiri2, and interactions with a cubic 3D display by Lam and others3.Commercially, companies like Looking Glass Factory have been developing stereoscopic displays aimed for mass adoption4. While the hardware is iterating fast, research on 3D display interactions in the context of Extended Reality is limited at this moment and we see opportunities in exploring multi-modal mixed reality interactions combining both headsets and 3D displays.


Creators: Nix Liu Xin, Aria Xiying Bao, Davide Zhang
Advisor: Allen Sayegh

VIS 2314 Responsive Environment
Harvard Graduate School of Design

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