2019 | AR Architecture

Augmented Library Aggregation

Augmented Library Aggregation is a cloud of information contains multi-layers of realities. In this library, there are three layers of realities: the first layer, solid structures, which provides tangible interface; the second layer, ambiguous objects bashing, which influences the spatial configuration; the third layer, virtual holographic, which is directly representing information. All these layers have interactions with people, by either tangible or intangible ways. Therefore, in this project, the notion of the fixed ideal space is replaced by a temporal, dynamic and interactive construction of reality.

Greg Lynn mentioned: “Architectural form is conventionally conceived in a dimensional space of idealized stasis, defined by fixed point coordinates” which we could easily discover by opening up any of the mainstream architectural software. However, as a new way of design, volume bashing is the formal device for this project. Each program within is a world of itself made by the bashing of objects sourced from the various catalogs. This chaotic bashing process is able to create unlimited formal features which are dynamically changing, resulting in endless spaces without directions, without boundaries. This library aggregation contains the very old to the up to date version of itself.


ArchitecturalDesign: Nix Liu Xin, Nero He
3D Animation/Lighting/Texturing/Compositing: Nix Liu Xin
Sound Design: Chenyu Dreamy Sun
Instructor: Damjan Jovanovic
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

Press + Recognition