2020 | Analogue and Digital

Painted Room

Painted Room is an experimental art film designed and directed by Nix Liu Xin and Yuting Zhu exploring the transformation process from analog painting to digital painting and how it can change the reading and affect the design of spaces and objects. At first, We explored color combinations and stroke shapes with acrylic and other traditional analog paints in the physical world. Then the brush strokes were photographed as digital image samples. Next, we used computer render engined to reproduce and manipulate the texture of the original brush strokes in the digital world. These digital brush strokes were assigned to a baroque style room and furniture to imagine a room made up of paint strokes. For the 3d animation, the background canvas is 2D but the foreground is 3D, producing a dynamic painting illusion. During this process, the original information carried on the analog paint stokes has been shifted, challenging the traditional dualistic relationship between analog and digital.

02 - Painted Furniture NFT

03 - Process


Designers: Nix Liu Xin, Zhu Yuting
Advisor: Florencia Pita

Press + Recognition