2020-2022 | Responsive Architecture in a Vivid Virtual World

Phygital Supermarket

Step into digital chaos in a vivid virtual world.

Filmmakers Nix Liu Xin and Zhu Yuting explore the diverse expressions of everyday objects and responsive architectural forms as spatial interfaces in the virtual world of Phygital Supermarket -  a portmanteau of physical and digital.

In these virtual supermarket scenes, daily necessities and even food have lively dynamics influencing each other as if they have a life of their own. The original function, form, and meaning of these objects in the real world are dissociated, allowing us to escape the familiar relationship with the everyday and to see an exquisite and imaginary alternative reality. These familiar but neglected objects, taken directly from the supermarket, are re-combined and reinterpreted in different ways to construct five vivid virtual worlds: Snack Bar, Strawberry Farm, Smart Warehouse, Watermelon Store, and Cafe.


Directors, Designers: Nix Liu Xin, Zhu Yuting
Advisors: Peter Testa, Devyn Weiser